IPL/Photo Rejuvenation


An Effective Light-Based Skin Treatment

IPL Photorejuvenation is one of the safest light-based skin treatments available, and with little to no downtime after treatments, you're able to feel better and get on with your day.

Age spots, brown pigmentation, redness due to broken capillaries, and other signs of skin damage can be treated by IPL photorejuvenation. This non-invasive treatment doesn’t disrupt the surface of the skin, which minimizes discomfort and eliminates recovery time. IPL photorejuvenation can also be effective in diminishing the appearance of large pores and rosacea.

Unlike other facial techniques, IPL photorejuvenation does not involve the removal of skin. It is a quick procedure that involves the pulsing of light across the skin’s surface with little downtime afterwards. The pulse of light causes the blood vessels and collagen beneath the skin to constrict, thus reducing both redness and age spots while allowing you to leave the clinic and continue your day without issue.

Although the number of treatments may vary according to the condition of your skin, the sensation the procedure causes is mild, so multiple treatments are typically recommended.

As one of the safest light-based skin treatments available, IPL photorejuvenation may be an appropriate option for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Disclaimer: While many of our patients have had great results, results are not the same for everyone.

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