Ideal for Both Men & Women

There's a reason why Botox® is one of the most popular skin treatment systems in the world. It's safe, effective, and the results can be seen within days and last for as much as five months.

One of the most popular procedures undertaken by both women and men, Botox® helps to reduce the lines on the face that can make one look older than they really feel. Botox® reduces the activity of the muscles that typically cause problems, such as frown lines. With results visible within days, and the procedure itself requiring less than half an hour, Botox® has many reasons for its popularity.

Botox® uses a purified protein to minimize the look of wrinkles and lines on the face. With just a few simple injections into the skin, which take less than half an hour, results can be noticed within three to ten days. These can last anywhere from three to five months, and re-treatment is recommended after this for maintenance.

As one of the more popular procedures with no surgery and no recovery time, Botox® may just be right for you. Book a free consultation today to find out.

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