Dr. Peter Seviour


Recognizing the need for a skin clinic that utilized both established dermatology and progressive technology; Dr. Seviour founded Nuderm in his hometown of St. John’s in 2007. The clinic was something he felt would compliment his full-time work as a family doctor, while addressing the further needs of the community.

Since receiving his medical degree in 1992, Dr. Seviour has practiced within both Canada and the United States. His return to Newfoundland not only allowed him to establish Nuderm, it also gave him the opportunity to address another field of interest: women’s health.

Women’s Health
As the province with the lowest rate of pap testing, as well as the highest rate of cervical cancer in the country, Dr. Seviour saw a need for a new type of clinic. Through the establishment of a family practice clinic, and Nuderm, Dr. Seviour has been able to provide both skin care and vital health care services to the community.


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